How To Design Your Home Exterior How To Design Your Home Exterior

Guests, visitors and future buyers make their first impression of your house by evaluating your home exterior. Designing a home exterior requires taking several issues into consideration.

Choosing Siding

Home siding comes in many materials and colors.

  • Vinyl Siding - Relatively easy to install, inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, it is not highly heat resistant and can soon become dated.
  • Aluminum Siding - Inexpensive and easy to maintain and install. It requires little maintenance and is available in hundreds of colors, and can be painted if a homeowner decides to change the color of their home.
  • Wood Siding - More expensive than vinyl or aluminum and requires more maintenance, including regular painting, cleaning and replacing boards damaged by water, wood rot or insect infestation.

Choose a Style

Choosing a style is often a matter of considering the architecture of the home and the surrounding neighborhood. For example, many homes in the southwest have mission or Spanish architecture that is reflective of the local history and heritage of the region.

When designing your home exterior, choose a style that is reflective of the homes around your house. Not only will this help your home fit in well with neighboring homes, but it will also help with the value of your home, since homes that vary too far outside the local norm are often priced lower.

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