How to Design Your Own Custom Dock

What You'll Need

When deciding to build your own custom dock you’re going to need to have a design plan ready first. It is important that you have the exact measurements and ideas ready before you begin to make any big decisions. Building your own custom dock can be exhausting but very rewarding. Below are some tips and steps on how to get the exact design for your custom dock.

Step 1 – Figuring Out Your Budget

Knowing exactly what your budget is will be the first step in deciding what your design on your dock should be. Depending on how much wood and materials you can buy will help to make a few decisions for you.

Step 2 – Time

How much time are you willing to spend on this? Think about the amount of time you’re willing to spend versus the amount of time it is going to take. Factor in how long you want to allow this project to take. If you have a certain time frame before this dock needs to be built then you need to keep in mind how long this is going to take you.

Step 3 – Location

The dock is going to need a place to set. Factor in your location before you go on with any decisions. Measure out the space and figure out what types of dock design will work with your location. Both the length and the width of your dock should be determined on what your location will allow.

Step 4 – Material

There are a few different types of docks to make on your own. Do you want a wood dock, or a steel dock? What will your budget and location allow? A steel dock may run you a little more but it will definitely last a lot longer than a wooden dock.

If you live in a location that has harsh weather conditions then you may want to seriously consider a steel dock. Wooden docks are sturdy but can easily get destroyed during a rough storm. In the long run a steel dock will definitely save you some money because you will only have to build it once.

Step 5 – Dock Plans

Figure out what exactly your plans are for this dock? This will help you to decide what type of design you are going to need for it. Do you want to have a dock that is stationary or one that floats? If you want one that will float then you need to make sure that you have an area that you can tie it to when it is not in use or being watched. A floating dock will do better in areas that do not have adverse weather conditions. A flood or very strong winds can take your dock away quickly.

Think of what exactly you want to use your dock for. If you plan on occasionally going out to relax on your dock then maybe a roof would be a good idea.