How to Design Your Own Custom Drapes How to Design Your Own Custom Drapes

What You'll Need
Blank white paper, several sheets
Colored pencil or marker set
Regular pencil with a sturdy and effective eraser
Measuring tape
Your notes (this will be explained later)

Amy S.

Décor in your home can call for custom drapes to match your design. While creating the look in your head, it’s a good idea to draw it out on paper. What kinds of curtains would compliment your windows? Which colors and fabrics would best suit the lighting in your room? What about length, do you have any restrictions as to why you can’t have floor-length drapes? All of these things will determine how you design your own custom drapes.

Step 1 – Write Notes

The first thing you should do is take notes on budget, size parameters, restrictions and color choices. Visit a fabric store rather than your local supercenter because the associates there are more knowledgeable about fabrics and their care. Take notes on each fabric, and if you can purchase small swatches to take home, it’s a good idea to do that too.

Use the swatches and notes you’ve taken to decide how your curtains should look, where they should go, how they should suit your window, etc. Then get ready to begin designing your curtains.

Step 2 – Measure Windows

Now that you know your size parameters and have a rudimentary idea as to how your curtains should look on the windows, measure the window from where you plan to hang your curtain rod. Then take a measurement of the height of your wall, from ceiling to floor. These measurements will help you determine the scale for your drawing.

Step 3 – Assign a Scale

A scale is the direct ratio of a model to the real thing. It’s usually a good idea to go with something like 1:10 or 1:12 scale, meaning your drawing will be 1/10 or 1/12 the size of your actual window and wall. You can do this just by applying the measurements of your window and wall to the paper, and assigning 2 inches per foot, to suit your paper.

Step 3 – Draw Your Design

Draw your window first in pencil, using the ruler to keep the lines straight and the scale appropriate. Then, begin drawing your curtain panels straight. The key to this is not drawing panels with the flaws of fabric hanging, just draw them straight as if they were boards up against your window.

Now design your drapes by color and seams. Do you want to put other fabrics in stripes or appliques on the main part of the fabric? Do you want it embroidered? All of these things should be drawn onto your drape drawing.

Step 4 - Rework the Design

Coming up with ideas for your drapes and drawing them out may take you a few attempts, so don’t get discouraged. Just make sure you make it exactly like you want it. Now you are ready to make your design a reality.

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