How to Determine Appropriate Framing Stud Distance

What You'll Need
100 Foot Flexible Tape Measure
Carpenter's Pencil
Framing Square

A framing stud is the 2x4 lumber that is used in the process of framing exterior and interior walls as well as door and window frames. One of the many problems that novices face when they attempt to work with framing studs for the first time is to determine the appropriate framing stud distance.

Step 1: Measure Distance of Wall

There is one universal measurement that can be used when framing studs. This is a standard distance of 16 inches on center. This means that there are 16 inches from the center of one stud to another. To determine the appropriate distance for the studs, you will need to measure the entire length of the wall.

Step 2: Mark Stud Locations

Once you have the overall length of the wall divide that number by the universal 16 inches on center. Mark the locations of each stud on the floor with an 'X'. A framing square will make short work of this by laying it on the floor and then marking at the appropriate mark.

The spacing can be shorter as necessary to fit in the framing for doors, windows and other walls, but not longer.