How to Determine if Cheap Granite Slabs are Viable How to Determine if Cheap Granite Slabs are Viable

If you are looking to save money by purchasing cheap granite for your kitchen remodel, it is important that you first do a little research. Here are a few things to look for to be sure that the granite slabs are viable. 

Using a Coin to Scratch

Use a coin and run it across the surface of the granite to see whether or not it scratches. If you find that you can move the coin back and forth with no damage, the granite checks out. However if the surface scratches, the granite is not viable. Any damage done by a coin will be much worse from everyday handling of utensils. 

Using Nail Polish Remover

A handy trick to find out if your black granite has been dyed is using nail polish remover. Take a cotton ball and apply a small amount of remover on it. Then, wipe a tiny spot of the granite to see if the black comes off. If so, your granite will fade over time. 

Measuring Thickness

Measuring the thickness of the slab will tell you if the granite is viable. The thickness should be the same throughout the entire slab. If you find that one side is thicker than another, you may have problems with wear and tear later on.

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