How to Determine Prevailing Wind for Solar Chimney Use How to Determine Prevailing Wind for Solar Chimney Use

Solar chimneys have been around for many years. The usage of them today fits right in with the ecology of today. The chimney is set up against the side of the building and must go up higher than the roof. It needs to be on the side that faces the sun. The width of the chimney is more important because of the wind convection. You have to have the wind vents away from the prevailing winds. We are going to go through how to determine which are the prevailing winds in your area.

Finding Where the Wind is From

The prevailing wind is the wind that blows generally from a predominate area over the earth in a particular point. In order to find out where the prevailing wind comes from at your location you can use what the meteorologists call a Wind Rose.

What Is a Wind Rose

 A Wind Rose is a chart of how the speed of the wind and the direction cover an area at a particular point. The Wind Rose is a grid made in a polar chart that shows how many times the wind blows in a certain direction. It is a circular chart that has zero at the center and increases outward with the increased frequencies of the wind location. You can get a wind rose from your local weather station or airport.


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