How to Determine the Height and Size of Your Chicken Fence

What You'll Need
Chicken Wire
Wooden Posts
Corrugated Iron

If you keep chickens or are considering the idea of getting some, you will need a chicken fence to protect them. Predatory wildlife, like foxes, will always make an attempt to attack and run off with a chicken or two, and unless you protect them effectively, you will definitely end up with less chickens than you started with. Even if foxes are not local to your area, you can still have other wildlife or domestic pets that will show an interest.

Step 1 – How to Determine the Height

The best way to determine the height of your chicken wire fencing is to determine how high you think a fox or other predator can jump. Most foxes can only jump around 5 feet, so it is safe to suggest that you mark your chicken wire fence at the six feet mark to at least deter them.

Step 2 – Size Is Everything

The size of the chicken wire fence really is a matter of how many chickens you will have running around. If you want to have a few free range chickens that have plenty space to hop around in, then double the size of the space.