How to Determine What Custom Car Paint Kit to Buy How to Determine What Custom Car Paint Kit to Buy

As part of the process of planning a custom car paint job, you will need to find the right kit to use during the task. Taking a few aspects of the job into account will help you to determine which is the right kit for your purposes.

Step 1 – Consider Design

The first step necessary to find the right kit for your custom car paint project is to consider the design itself. The kit required for a complete repaint will be different to that needed if you are adding a pattern to the existing paintwork. This will govern the volume of paint that you will require and the manner in which it is applied.

Step 2 – Existing Paint

Alongside the custom car paint design that you intend to create, you will also need to consider the existing paint that has been used on the car. This will often be dictated by the type of car, for example, the paint used on classic cars will be different to that used on modern cars. The paint must be correct according to the age of the car to ensure that it remains looking authentic. If you are adding a design to existing paint on the bodywork rather than repainting the entire car, you must ensure that the paint is one that will be able to adhere properly.  

Step 3 – Application Method

There are different ways in which custom car paint can be applied, whether a separate equipment is required or the paint is incorporated into one appliance. Your experience in respect of car painting and the equipment that you have used previously should be taken into account, which will enable you to work within your ability. Ensuring that you have a good application technique will produce the best result possible in updating your car’s paint job. There will be some car paint kits that require some preparatory work to be done before it can be used, such as mixing the paints. Other varieties can be used immediately. Keep in mind how much work you are prepared to do in order to prepare the kit for use.    

Step 4 – Brand

Some custom car paint kits are produced by companies which are linked to particular makes of car. Check your car’s manual to determine whether the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends a particular brand of car paint kit. Alternatively, the instructions included with the car paint kit may confirm which make and model of car it should be used on. In addition, using a popular brand will give you peace of mind that it is a product that can be trusted to do the job correctly.

Step 5 – Cost

If you are undertaking other work on your vehicle at the same time, or you are just on a budget, you will need to consider the cost of the car paint kit. Compare the cost of similar products before making a decision. Bear in mind any other items that you may need to purchase for use alongside the car paint kit.

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