How to Determine What Size Screw You Have

What You'll Need
Nails & Screws Sizing Chart

To determine if the screw size you have is appropriate for fastening certain objects, a sizing chart is available for this purpose. Manufacturers of these items supply the market with various types and sizes to suit the buyer’s needs.

Step 1- Screw Length Identifier

The word “penny” is used as an identifier for screw length. Commonly used “penny” designations are 2d, 3d, 4d or 2-penny, 3-penny, and screws can be as long as 60-penny.

Step 2- Types of Screws

The screw length is measured from the end of the nail until the head area in millimeters. The types of screws are oval-head, which is oval-shaped protrudes in a semi-circle and the flat-head screw, which displays a level surface and is the easiest to measure. A ruler or a tape measure can be used to measure the length of the screw.

Step 3- Determining the Diameter

To determine the diameter of the screw, measure in millimeters the head of the screw. The range of the screw sizes is from a small size (121/2) to a large size (2). The larger the diameter, the smaller the screw.