How to Dig a Fence Post Hole

What You'll Need
Post Hole Digger
Gas Powered Auger
Gloves, Goggles

One of the tasks that is included with the installation of a fence is to dig a fence post hole. Many people believe that you need to have some heavy equipment in order to dig a fence hole post. However, a manual post hole digger will work as well as a gas powered auger.

Step 1: Use Post Hole Digger

The most readily available form of digging a fence post hole is to use a manual digger. This tool is basically two handles with a lever in the middle with concave blades on the end of each post. To dig the fence post hole, you will stand the digger up straight and drive it into the ground. Close the blades and lift out the dirt that it grabs. As the hole is dug, it will be in the shape of a fence post.

Step 2: Use Gas Powered Auger

A gas powered auger has a bit that it stands on and works its way into the ground. It is operated with a small gas engine and can be heavy and hard to handle once the bit starts into the ground. Stand the auger straight up and twist the throttle a little to start the bit. Once the bit goes into the ground a few inches, you will need to lift it up to empty the blades of dirt. Follow this procedure until the fence post hole is dug.