How to Disassemble Trampolines

Trampolines are normally not used year-round so before the winter comes, it is always a good idea to store them in the same way that you store any garden furniture and other outdoor gear. To store the trampoline, you will also need to disassemble it; otherwise it will not be convenient to store it, especially if it is a large one. If you are moving the trampoline very far, you will also need to disassemble it to make this possible. Properly disassembling the trampoline should be a fairly easy task and it will be well worth it since it will extend its life.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Dry storage space
  • Heavy gloves

Step 1 – Preparations

Before you begin, make sure that you have enough time available. About half an hour should be enough in most cases. Prepare a storage space for the trampoline before you start to dismantle it. Ideally, you should have storage already available for the components of the trampoline. To make sure that none of the parts get lost, be certain that you have an adequate and well organized storage space. The area should also be dry otherwise the trampoline may become damaged during storage. Before you begin dismantling the trampoline, it is a good idea to wear some heavy leather gloves to avoid your fingers getting pinched. Also, carry out this job during good weather.

Step 2 – Remove the Straps

Beneath the trampoline, you should find some straps which extend from the pad to the frame. You will need to loosen these to un-strap and remove them. Once you have done this, the frame pad should break free and you should be able to simply slide it away from the trampoline.

Step 3 – Remove the Springs

Put your gloves on for this step. Locate one of the hooks of the springs. Pull this hook out of the hole which you will see in the top of the frame. The spring will also have a hook located in the bottom of the V-ring of the mat. Unhook this as well. Put the spring aside safely. You should then continue by removing the rest of the springs, starting with the one on the opposite end of the trampoline from the one you just removed. Remove the rest of the springs in the same manner.

Step 4 – Dismantle the Frame

Take apart the frame once you have removed all the springs and put them aside. If the trampoline is of a fairly large size, you may find it much easier to have someone help you. Pull the frame apart from each joint. The sections of the frame may either be connected with bolts or something different. Dismantling it should be fairly easy. Dismantle the frame to all of its component parts and make sure that you keep any nuts and bolts safely. Store these in a labeled container so that you do not lose them.