How to Discourage Skunks from Visiting How to Discourage Skunks from Visiting

Skunks like to visit gardens when they are hungry and in search of food. They come to seek leftover pet food or fruit fallen from trees in garden. If not stopped they are liable create a mess in the garden and can become a nuisance. Here are some tips on how to discourage them from visiting your back yard:

Remove All Leftover Pet Food

Make sure any leftover dog food or pet food in your yard is removed before night because skunks usually venture out at night.

Pick Up Fallen Fruit

If you have fruit trees in your garden, pick up any fallen fruit so skunks don’t get into the habit of coming after them.

Dispose Garbage

Make sure the garbage cans you have tight fitting lids, and the area around the cans is clean. There should be no leftover food fallen around the cans.

Get Rid of Grubs

Use nemotides to get rid of grubs in your lawn. Skunks search for larvae and do a lot of damage in the process, so ensure your lawn is free of them.

Rake up Fallen Leaves

Rake up fallen plants and leaves often in your garden so that snails and slugs are eliminated. Skunks like hunting for snails so make sure you get rid of them so skunks are discouraged from visiting.

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