How to Disguise Your Car Subwoofer Enclosures How to Disguise Your Car Subwoofer Enclosures

What You'll Need
Pry bars
Power drill

Car subwoofer enclosures are boxes that keep the subwoofer secured on cars and are usually made of fiberboard. This device is usually visible at the back end of the vehicle making it an eyesore to some people who have it. Making car subwoofer enclosures blend at the back portion of your car is a simple task, if you have the appropriate tools to get the job done.

Step 1 – Detaching the Cover

Using your pliers, detach the cover of your car subwoofer enclosures by pulling the staples off which secure the enclosure behind and under it. Take the cover off the box, exposing the board.

Step 2 – Making a New Subwoofer Enclosure

Using a new set of fiberboard, make an innovative frame or car subwoofer enclosure. The structure should follow the conventional measurements to allow for a perfect fit, blending the assembly portion behind your vehicle where you intend to have it installed. This varies in accordance with the availability of space at your car's internal back portion, or your car's make.

Step 3 – Removing the Speaker for the Old Box

Unscrew the speaker from the old box with the help of a power drill. Pull out the speaker from the enclosure and have the wires disconnected. 

Step 4 – Taking the Old Enclosure Out

Detach the old enclosure from its place. If screws were used, remove them using a power drill. If however nails utilized to have the enclosure are difficult to remove, pry them out using the pry bar.

Step 5 – Making a New Speaker Hole

On the new car subwoofer enclosure, use a pencil to trace a hole around it. Mark the spot where the speaker will be in place.

Step 6 – Cutting Through the Hole

Using a jigsaw, make a cut on an outline that you traced for the new enclosure. Now you are creating a speaker hole for the new car subwoofer enclosure.

Step 7 – Making the Transfer of Subwoofer Internals

Detach all the internals from the old car subwoofer enclosure, and take note of the screws or set of nails that you remove. Place all the internal assembly into the new car subwoofer enclosure. Secure it appropriately using the screws or nails from the old box.

Step 8 – Having the Replacement in Place

Install or secure the new car subwoofer in the appropriate spot where it will be disguised as a mere part of the vehicle. It is suggested that you use screws so that you will not have any difficulty later on if you have future plans for the assembly.

Step 9 – Reconnecting the Speaker

With the internals installed in the new enclosure, have the speaker reconnected to the wire, and then secure the speaker to the new car subwoofer enclosure.

Step 10 – Finishing Touches

Before putting the enclosure in place and covering it, make sure the cover you will be using matches the upholstery mat of your car's interior. This will make blending of your new car subwoofer enclosure precise.

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