How to Dismantle a Bed

A bedroom.
What You'll Need
A cross point screw driver
Standard screw driver
Electric screw driver with multiple heads if needed
Sectioned box (An old empty tackle box or sewing kit will do)
Duct tape
Ropes or ties

Figuring out how to dismantle a bed and taking apart the bed frame isn’t the real problem. Taking it apart in a way that makes it easy to put back together is. Extra effort while dismantling the bed can mean saving time and having less frustration later when putting the bed back together.

Taking Notes

Especially if this is a complicated setup such as a bunk bed or an antique bed frame, having a pen and paper on hand to make notes and draw diagrams is advisable. Counting on your memory could result in errors and a rickety, possible unsafe bed for whoever will sleep there. Making notes or drawing diagrams of how washers and bolts fit together is in effect creating your own instruction manual for putting the bed back together correctly. Having a marker on hand is also a good idea for putting reminders directly on the underside of the bed frame itself where it will only be seen by anyone working to put the bed back together.

Remove the Mattress and Box Spring

Move everything including the top mattress and bed spring mattress, or other parts of the bed out of the way. If the arrangement is complicated take notes, and make a diagram of where bolts, washers, or and connections are so that you will remember them when you want to put the bed frame back together. Use the pen or marker to put one word or two-word reminders on those spots where fittings are complex. If you don’t want to mark the frame then place a piece of tape on the spot and write on it instead.

Remove Bolts and Screws

It is better when taking the bed frame apart to have plenty of room. Check to see how tight the screws or bolts are, and to see which type of screwdriver you will need to use. When unscrewing the bolts, use the appropriate screw head on the screwdriver. If the bolt or screw is on too tightly then take care not to strip it as this can make it too loose to reuse. If the bolts or screws are too tight to remove easily, then switch to an electric screwdriver and use it with care since finding replacement bolts can often be difficult.

Keep Track of the Hardware

Place the bolts or screws in your container on the same side as they were removed from so that those taken from the left side of the bed frame are now on the right side of the box. An easier way if you don’t mind having to cut away a lot of tape is to duct tape the screws directly to the area they were removed from being careful to completely cover and secure them. Secure the dismantled bed frame with either rope or tape so it can be stored or moved altogether. This reduces the possibilities of parts getting lost.

Being thorough when dismantling the bed frame will make putting the bed back together much quicker and trouble-free.