How to Dismantle a Bicycle to Replace Parts

What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
Tire irons
Needle nose pliers

Bicycles are such simple machines that have been around for years. They are easy to use, get us to the places we want to go and they put away easy. The other thing that is so great about having a bicycle is that it is so easy to fix. You need very few tools to fix a bicycle and they are generally pretty easy to dismantle and take a part. Here is a quick how-to on what you should do to dismantle your bicycle to replace its parts.

Step 1: Removing the Wheel

At one time or another, you may have had a flat tire on your bicycle. What you need to do is remove the wheel. Using an adjustable wrench, loosen the nuts. The nuts are responsible for holding the wheel in place. Place the nuts in a Ziploc bag so you do not lose them during your repairs. There is a screw that holds a metal band. Unscrew it. Remove the band. Now you can freely remove the wheel from the bike frame. Use a tire iron to pull the wheel off the rim completely. Now you are free to go about repairing your bike wheel.

Step 2: Removing the Chain

With constant use and exposing your bike to all sorts of different weather elements, the bike’s chain usually is one of the first components to start to go. Follow the below instructions to dismantle the parts necessary to get at your bike chain for repair and replacement purposes.  Depending on your bike, you will find either a continuous chain or a chain with a master link. Either way, you should sketch the chain installation path with a pad and paper so that you know how to properly reinstall or replace it when you finish your project. Remove the chain from the bicycle and if you have a master link, open it by pulling out the retaining clip using a pair of needle nose pliers. If your bike has a continuous chain, just push one of the pin rivets anywhere along the chain.

Step 3: Removing a Spoke

Sometimes your bicycle will need a new spoke installed. Removing a spoke is easy. First, start with step 1 and remove the tire from the bicycle. On the majority of bikes, the spokes are held in place by heads. These heads are usually protected by a rubber band or protective covering. This rubber band must be pulled over the rim and removed. The broken spoke will likely fall off instantly but if it does not, you may need to cut both ends using a wire cutter. You are now ready to replace the spoke in your wheel.

Step 4: Tuning up the Brakes

Tuning up the brakes of your bicycle is easy to accomplish. You simply need to take an adjustable wrench and apply it to the clamp. The clamp should loosen and you will be free to adjust the braking cable as needed.