How to Dismantle a Brick Fireplace

A good brick fireplace is that which is well constructed with the best material used. Fireplaces can be made in many materials such as bricks, stones, marble and tiles. The selection of the material is usually done, keeping in mind the ongoing trend. The fireplace adds more beauty and style to the décor of your house.  If your fireplace is constructed out of bricks and you want to change it then follow the easy steps described below.

Tools and Materials Required

•    Safety goggles
•    Pair of rubber gloves
•    Hammer
•    Wire Brush
•    Power Drill
•    Wire Brush Attachment
•    Chisel
•    Vacuum cleaner
•    Cement
•    Water
•    Steel Pan

Step 1 − Taking Safety Precautions

Before you start dismantling your brick fireplace, wear safety goggles and a pair of rubber gloves. Safety goggles would help protect your eyes from the dust particles that can be a source of distraction for you while you are working whereas, rubber gloves will protect your hands from added dust and germs. It is important to take safety precautions as they help to protect you from unfortunate incidents.

Step 2 – Dismantle the Bricks from the Fireplace

Take a hammer and a chisel. Put the chisel on the brick. Now very carefully with full force hit the chisel with the hammer. This would allow the brick to break. The brick would not break completely in one stroke so you need to hit he hammer again until the brick is fully broken into pieces. You would have to repeat this process until all the bricks of the fireplace have been dismantled. Be extra careful when hitting the hammer, it can injure you hand or your finger.

Step 3 − Removing Mantle

Remove mantle or any other object on the fireplace. You would also need to cut of pieces of bricks that would stick out of the fireplace after the hammering process. You need to create a flat surface so that it can be easy for you to use other materials on your fireplace.

Step 4 − Cleaning the Fireplace

Remove any dirt or lose paint by using the wire brush. You can also use a power drill with a wire brush attachment instead of a wire brush.

Step 5 − Cleaning the Debris

Clean the dust and debris from the floor by using a vacuum cleaner. Clean the fireplace and make sure that is free from debris. If the fireplace is clean and the surface of the wall is flat then it will be very easy for you to put new material whether it is tiles or marble.

Step 6 − Final Touches

When the debris is clean and the fireplace is free from all the bricks, take a deep steel pan and mix cement and water in it. Put the cement on to the wall of the fireplace. Make sure that all the area is fully covered with the cement. This would help the surface of the wall to be flat. The flat surface of the wall would be beneficial when the next time you use any material on your fireplace. Let the cement dry completely. Water the cemented wall to make it stronger.