How To Dispose of an Oil Tank

An old oil tank that is left on a property can create an environmental hazard and result in fines and disposal fees when the property is sold. As a result, it is always a good idea to dispose of oil tanks once they are no longer being used.

Cleaning the Tank

Once the tank is no longer being used, it should be emptied and cleaned out, and all the oil should be removed. You can call your local oil heating company to come and pump the tank out and to check that it is completely empty.

Once the tank is empty, it's clean it before removal. Call a professional cleaning company that will utilize biodegradable solvents to clean the entire tank.

Removing the Tank

In many areas, local authorities do not allow individuals to dig up and excavate their own tanks. Instead, permits for excavation are required and companies that specialize in tank removal are needed.

If removal of the tank is not possible because of surrounding buildings or structure, the tank will be filled with inert material like gravel or cement. It's important to note that many states require the presence of an oil tank to be disclosed when selling property, and it may affect the value of the property in the future.