How to Dispose of Your Old Gas Range

A gas range.

When the time has come to replace your gas range, there are a number of ways in which you can dispose of the old one. Getting rid of an old gas range is more complicated than disposing of a similar electrical range: unlike the latter, you cannot give your gas range to charity, as it may have leaks or contain unsuitable metals and materials. However, there are a few things that you can do to dispose of your old gas range.


Recycling old appliances is very important, and a number of states actually ban the disposal of appliances in landfills, or require that appliances be separated from landfill trash. In addition, the older gas ranges may contain mercury and other substances that have to be removed before recycling.

It is best to contact local waste disposal experts to get the best from your old gas range.

Delivery Companies

A gas stove.

Many delivery companies will now arrange to take your old gas range (for a fee) when delivering your new range. This ensures that your gas range is disposed of safely, and that you keep within the law in getting rid of your old range. You can also pay for another company to take your old gas range away, and dispose of it themselves.