How to Do Sheathing on a Mobile Home

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  • 8-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-400
What You'll Need
Utility Knife
Sheathing Tape
Tape Measure
Circular Saw
Panel or Veneer Sheets

Sheathing a mobile home is the same process as sheathing a regular home. All sheathing is exterior insulation or vapor barrier that is used to increase the energy efficiency of a home. You install sheathing using the same process for installing drywalling and these principles can be used just as easily in a mobile home as a traditional home.

Before you install sheathing on your mobile home, you should check with the community standards for using house wraps and adhere to them. You should also check with the manufacturer of the mobile home to determine the sheathing that works best with your type of home.

Measure the Wall Space

Take the tape measure and measure the wall dimensions of your mobile home. You will need to make adjustments for any windows and odd corners that can be cut on the circular saw. Mark the measurements on a sheet of paper in order to determine the amount of sheathing that you need for the mobile home.

Purchase Materials

Go to a home improvement center and purchase the materials needed to sheath your mobile home. Use the measurements to determine the amount of sheathing that is needed in order to cover the walls and provide energy efficiency for your mobile home. You may also need to rent or purchase a circular saw in order to make some cuts in the sheathing.

Make Window Cuts

Using the circular saw, make cuts into the sheathing to accommodate the windows. This will make it easier to attach these pieces to the wall when you begin to attach the sheathing.

Nail the Sheathing in Place

Using a hammer and sheathing nails that you purchased from a home improvement center, tack up the sheathing to the walls. You can attach the sheathing in the same way that you hang the drywall. Butt the sheathing up against itself to form a uniform seam as you work. You can use a utility knife to score straight lines in the sheathing that can be broken off by scoring both sides with the knife and hitting it downward with your hand.

Cover Seams

Take the sheathing tape and run it across the seams of the sheathing that you placed on the mobile home's walls. This will cover the seams and allow you to decorate over the walls with plywood sheets or thin laminate veneer sheets.

Cover the Sheathing

Place veneer sheets or paneling over the sheathing to cover it and restore your walls. The panels can be tacked to the sheathing using small tack nails and a tack hammer. Use the circular saw to make the window cuts into the panels as needed. You can place any objects moved during the installation back in their original place after you finish the walls.