How to Double Up Your Truck Tires

What You'll Need
Tire jack
Tire iron
Measuring tape

When you are doubling up your truck tires, you will need to make some changes to the normal tire installation. Here are a few materials that you will need, along with steps to help guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Measure and Purchase

Measure the size of your old tires and decide how much room you have for your tire replacement. Then, you can purchase two tires for that area that will both fit. Your axle will need to be long enough to accommodate extra tires. You may want to check into several tires to make sure that you find some that fit your driving situation and conditions.

Step 2 - Jack Up the Truck and Remove Old Tire

Use the tire jack to crank up the car. You will want to find a steady section under your car near the tire that you can place the stand. Then, slowly crank the jack up until the old tire is off of the ground and make sure that it is secure. Use the tire iron to remove the rim from the old tire. Slowly take off each nut and then place them on the ground. You will need them to install the new tires. Then, with the help of a partner if you need it, remove the old tire from the car.

Step 3 - Install Tires

Make sure that while you work you are watching yourself so they are not directly under the tire in case it does fall on accident. Now, take the first tire and move it onto the car. You may need the help of a partner again. Then, place the other tire onto the car. Secure the rim on like you took it off. Use the tire iron to screw back on each one of the nuts that you took off. Be sure that everything is secure and that you are tightening it all completely.

Step 4 - Lower Truck

Now that the tires are on, you can lower the car back down to the ground. Use the tire jack again to slowly wind down until the tire touches the ground completely. Once it is down, you can take the tire jack and stand away.

Repeat these steps with each one of the four tires. You will need to do at least both front or both back so that you are driving equally. You will want to test the truck out to make sure that it is driving evenly and that you have installed everything properly and the tires are working how they should. In order to do this, you should drive in an area that is close by and goes at a lower speed. You do not want to test out your new tires and handy work on the highway. If you do experience any problems, check again to make sure that everything has been tightened. If there are still problems, bring your truck into truck into an auto shop to have it looked at.