How to Drill a Hole Through Concrete Basement Floors

What You'll Need
Hammer drill
Masonry drill bits of various sizes
Gloves to protect your hands
Dust mask
Protection goggles

Concrete basement floors can be drilled through if you are slow and careful about it. You will require a few specialized tools and bits, but once you've got the hang of it, you'll find it's fairly simple.

Step 1- Making a Pilot Hole

Don your mask, your goggles and your gloves. After deciding where you want the hole, start drilling with the smallest masonry drill bit you have. Carbide tipped drill bits are the best for this kind of job. Make sure you drill straight. Do not wiggle the drill around to make the hole bigger. Drill for maybe 30 seconds then pull the bit out of the hole. The drill bit will heat up and also the dust needs to be released from the grooves. It is far better to do the drilling in small increments. A hammer drill takes the hard work out of the job, as it hammers into the concrete as it drives, doing the work for you. Once you have reached the depth you require, change over to a slightly bigger drill bit.

Step 2 – Widening the Hole

Continue drilling with ever increasing drill sizes until the size of hole you require is attained. Do not try to jump sizes too fast, as this tends to defeat the objective. Always drill straight down into your concrete basement floor.