How to Drill into Plexiglass

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What You'll Need
Scrap wood
A grease pencil or permanent marker
Masking tape
Drill with appropriate drill bits
Spray bottle

Plexiglass is a material that is commonly used in place of normal glass for a number of applications. It’s durable, yet lightweight, making it perfect for both residential and commercial buildings. Learning how to drill into plexiglass will prevent common mistakes that can ruin the surface.


Drilling into plexiglass requires a few additional steps that are not found when drilling into wood or metal. First, place the plexiglass on a thick piece of scrap wood you won’t mind drilling into. Next, mark the location of the hole with either a grease pencil or permanent marker. Then place a piece of masking tape over the mark. This will prevent chipping when you begin to drill into the plexiglass.

Pexiglass on a white background.

Pick a Pilot Hole

Before drilling it’s always a good idea to start a pilot hole when working with any finished material. A pilot hole should be at least ½ the diameter of the finished hole. A ½ inch hole would require a ¼ inch pilot hole.


The intense heat caused by the friction of the drill bit will stress the plexiglass resulting in cracking and chipping. While drilling the final hole use a spray bottle to lubricate the plexiglass with water during the drilling.