How to Drill Through Glazed Ceramic

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What You'll Need
Protective glasses
Masking tape
Measuring tape
Electric drill
Masonry drill bit that is tipped with carbide

You may have to drill through glazed ceramic when installing a towel bar or other fixtures in the bathroom. Glazed ceramic is quite common in bathrooms because it is easy to install, clean, and maintain. When adding anything to the bathroom, you will most likely have to deal with glazed ceramic tiles.

Drilling through the tiles can cause them to crack and break, meaning you will have to replace the damaged tiles. With the proper tools and some time, you can drill through glazed ceramic tile without it breaking. This article will explain how to complete the project.

Step 1 - Pick the Right Location

Never try to drill the glazed ceramic tile near the edges. When you place the drill bit too close to the edge, the oscillation of the bit will causes the tile to vibrate and crack. When you are drilling through tile, focus on the center of the tile. Use a ruler find the center.

Step 2 - Secure the Glazed Ceramic Tile

The glazed tile is already affixed to the wall, but you need to cushion against the vibrations. Once you decide where to drill, place a piece of masking over the tile. Place a second strip of masking tape over the first to create an "X" shape. Aim the drill in the section where the 2 pieces intersect.

Step 3 - Double Check

Masking tape is easy to remove; it is imperative to measure the ceramic tile at least 2 more times and adjust the masking tape as needed. Use the measuring tape to make sure you striking the tile in the center. Once you begin to drill, you cannot take it back.

Step 4 - Drill the Glazed Ceramic Tile

Wear your safety glasses, as there's always a chance the tile will split, sending ceramic shards into the air. Set the carbide-tipped masonry bit in the drill. Put the tip of the power drill in the center of the masking tape. Turn the drill to a low setting and begin drilling the tile at a steady pace using even pressure. Never rush the process.