How to Drive Turbo Diesel Cars with Manual Transmission Efficiency

What You'll Need
Clean Diesel Fuel

Drivers of turbo diesel cars will want to know how they can get the maximum efficiency from their engine to increase the performance of their vehicle. There are some simple maintenance and performance enhancements that you can use to secure the optimum running of your vehicle and give it the efficiency of a manual gearbox.


Step 1 - Fuel Efficiency

One of the most important factors in the behavior of your car is down to what sort of fuel you put in it. Some diesels are manufactured to a lower standard than others and are dirtier. They will stuff your engine up with crud much faster than using a cleaner diesel, so choose a filling station where you know the diesel is of a higher grading.

Step 2 – Beginning

Before you start your engine and begin your drive, watch the glow plug light and wait until it comes on then add a few seconds to make sure it is past the heating point. This is not always possible if you are in a hurry but try to implement it whenever possible.

Step 3 - Driving

When you drive your car, always try to drive to the optimum capacity of the car. Keeping it to the suggested mph for freeway and town driving will increase the efficiency of the fuel and keep the engine components in the best possible condition for the longest time.