How to Dry Newly Stained Wood Furniture

If you've ever been curious about how to properly dry newly stained wood furniture, you'll be pleased to learn that it's actually a very simple process. Below are the steps you will be required to take in order to successfully dry your stained wood furniture.

Tools for the Job

  • Gloves
  • Paper breathing mask
  • Protective eyewear
  • Paint brush
  • Expendable sponge
  • Tarp or large expendable blanket
  • Stain suited to your particular type of wood furniture

Step 1 - Apply Additional Coats of Stain

If you're interested in applying more than one coat of stain to your wood furniture, make sure to consult the product's packaging to determine how much time should pass between coat applications. Then, depending on the shape of your stained wood furniture, use a paintbrush or expendable sponge to apply additional coats. To protect your skin and eyes from coming into contact with the stain, take care to don a pair of work gloves and protective eyewear. Additionally, you should wear a paper breathing mask to shield yourself from any harmful fumes.

Step 2 - Allow Your Furniture to Dry

After applying your final coat of stain, consult the product's packaging to determine how much time needs to pass before you'll be able to use the furniture. Drying time will vary, but expect to wait at least 24 hours. Make sure to keep your stained wood furniture atop the tarp or expendable blanket upon which the stain was applied and make sure it is placed in a well-ventilated area where the stain fumes won't come into contact with any pets or family members.