How to Dye a Canopy Bed Net

What You'll Need
Bed canopy net
Fabric dye
Washing machine

Adding a special touch to your bedroom is easy with a canopy bed net. This bedding accessory can take a bedroom from humdrum to fabulous in a matter of minutes. When found in local retail outlets or online, the nets are usually white or beige. Though a white or beige net may work with some home décor, a bolder, richer color is often desired. Dyeing the net to match your current color scheme is easy and yields results worthy of a glossy home decorating magazine. 

Once you have decided that a custom-matched canopy bed net is the perfect accent to your bedroom, you must be sure of the fabric content of the net you purchase. This is the most important factor in determining stellar results. Most nets are 100 percent cotton or 100 percent silk. These are among the best fabrics for achieving full-color dye results. Other fabrics that work well in dyeing projects are linen, wool, ramie, rayon, nylon and acetate. Even a net made up of 60 percent cotton and other synthetic fillers will work well. Though you won’t get a full-color result, the dye job will be even. Avoid nets that are made of acrylic or more than 50 percent polyester as these will not accept dye. If your net is water repellent, the chances of it accepting dye are slim.   

Step 1—Prepare the Dye Bath

Set your washing machine to hot and allow it to fill with water. For one canopy bed net, set the load size to small.  If you start with too much water the dye will be diluted. According to the manufacturer’s directions, add the dye to the hot water. The dye used in this project called for one powder package of dye. In this case, the dye should be pre-dissolved in hot water and then added to the washing machine. This eliminates the chance of spot dying. 

Step 2—Prepare the Canopy Bed Net

Completely wet the canopy bed net with hot water. 

Step 3—Add the Canopy Bed Net to the Dye Bath

Completely submerge the net in the dye bath. It is very important that the washing machine continue to agitate during the entire process. The net should remain in the dye bath for no less than 30 minutes. If a deeper color is desired, the net can remain in the dye bath for up to 1 hour as long as the water remains hot. Some washing machines will allow you to preset an extended wash. If yours does not, you can restart the wash cycle before it ends to ensure continued agitation.

Step 4—Remove All Traces of Dye

Once the net has reached the desired color, rinse it in cold water until the water runs clear. If a darker dye was used it is best to wash the net in warm water with a mild detergent and rinse in cool water. This will eliminate the chances of dye transfer onto your other linens that will come in contact with the canopy bed net. 

Step 5—Dry the Canopy Bed Net

Dry the net before hanging it in your bedroom. 

That’s it. Hang the net and admire your new luxurious bedroom.