How to Dye Berber Carpet

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Carpet shampooer (can be rented)
Carpet dye
Blue painters tape
Rubber gloves
Knee pads

By dying old Berber carpet, you have an inexpensive flooring material to use when remodeling a room. Dyeing the Berber carpet may also be a good way to cover up stains and odors that appear on the carpeting, as well as brighten spots that have become worn due to age or exposure to sunlight.

To dye your Berber carpeting, you will need the tools and materials listed below as well as the instructional steps. No special tools or skills will be needed for this project aside from what is described below.

Step 1: Prepare the Area for Dyeing

Remove all furniture and other items from the roomto prepare it for the dyeing. After the furniture has been removed, go over the entire carpet area, including baseboards and all corners, with a vacuum cleaner. Be thorough when vacuuming the room in order to remove all dirt and dust that has accumulated. This will make the dye job easier to accomplish.

Step 2: Acquire a Shampooer for the Carpet

Rent from a grocery store or home improvement center a carpet shampooer. Also, purchase any cleaning supplies needed for the operation of the carpet shampooer. In accordance with the instructions for the shampooer, clean the carpet thoroughly to remove all dirt that has seeped into the carpet over the years. Before moving to the next step, allow the carpet to dry completely. This make several hours before you can proceed with the dyeing process.

Step 3: Tape Baseboard

Use the blue painter’s tape to cover the baseboards around the room. This will prevent the dye from penetrating them and causing them to become discolored or ruined.

Step 4: Purchase Carpet Dye

You will need to order or purchase your carpet dye from a carpet supply store or home improvement center. The dye should be a color that is darker than the existing Berber carpet.

You need to make sure that the dye you by is specifically made for Berber carpets. If it is not, you will run the definite possibility that the dye will not take.

Step 5: Apply the Dye

Following the instructions on the dye bottle, pour the dye into a bucket and mix with the appropriate amount of water. You will need to apply the dye mixture to the carpet using a brush. It is best to wear gloves when working with the dye to prevent getting it on your hands and staining them. Since you will be working on your knees, wear knee pads.

Apply the dye by rubbing it into the Berber carpeting in a circular motion. Continue to do so until the carpeting turns the desired color. Work from the corner of the room that is the furthest from the door and work backwards until the entire carpet surface is covered.

Step 6: Allow Carpet to Dry

Give the dye 24 to 48 hours to dry. Check the dye job to determine if any spots have been missed—if so, dye the area again and allow to dry.