How To Dye Drapes To Match Your Room

Luxurious master bedroom
What You'll Need
Permanent dye in the color of your choice
Large container
Sticks or wooden spoons
Plastic gloves

If you're looking for an easy, quick and inexpensive update for a room in your home, dye your drapes to match the room. You may have drapes around your home that need revitalizing, or you may find cheap drapes at a yard sale or thrift store. Either way, you can dye drapes to be the exact color you want in your room.

Prepare to Dye

If the drapes need mending, do that first. If there are stains, try to remove them first, as the dye will not cover stains. Follow the directions on the package to know how much dye you will need for your drapes and how long to leave the fabric in the dye bath. If there are other special instructions for that brand of dye, follow those also. Gather all materials and allot yourself at least an hour from beginning to end to complete the process.

Select a Container

Choose a large enough container to make sure the dye permeates all of the fabric and the color is distributed evenly. Bathtubs or washing machines are good places to dye drapes. Just remember that if you dye your fabric in a washing machine, any plastic pieces in the machine are likely to pick up the color from the dye. If you are dyeing curtain drapes that are lighter in weight or have less fabric, you may be able to use a sink or a large washtub.

Mix the Dye

Put on the plastic gloves to protect your hands. Once you have selected your container, empty the dye into it. Add the correct amount of hot water according to the package directions. Hot water will dissolve the dye more thoroughly and help the dye to permeate the fabric. Keep the water as hot as possible during the process. Adding boiling water as the dye water cools will help to keep the water hot.

Add the Drapes

Wet your drapery fabric evenly first so the dye will adhere more easily. Immerse the fabric in the dye, and stir it around with the sticks or spoons to make sure the color is evenly distributed. Lift and turn the fabric to make sure the fabric moves freely and all surfaces are colored. Keep stirring and moving the fabric for the entire dyeing cycle. The longer you leave the fabric in, the darker the color will be. When the fabric has been in the dye bath long enough according to the package directions (from ten to thirty minutes), remove it. Rinse your drapes in warm water, followed by cold water to rinse out any excess dye.

Finish Up

Discard the dye bath, and clean up any materials used with soap and water. Make sure all dye is wiped up from surfaces where it may have spilled. Machine wash the drapes in warm water with a cold rinse to set the color. Dry, press, hang and admire your beautiful new drapes.