How to Dye Your Cork Floor

cork floors
  • 24-48 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-100
What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Face mask
Polyurethane clear coat
Paint roller
Paint stirrer

The look of a cork floor can be changed by dying it to change the color. When specific dyes are applied to the cork tiles they can change the color of their flooring very easily.

Before you start, remember that all cork floors will be coated with a protective coating to prevent stains. If you are working with a new floor then the stain can be applied before this coating, otherwise the coating will need to be removed so that the stain can be properly applied.

TIP: The whole project will take around 24 hours (more if you add extra polyurethane coats) before you can actually walk on the floor. Plan to carry out this work when you have enough time to spare.

Step 1 - Cleaning the Floor

Start by sweeping the floor to make sure that there's no debris or dust covering it. If there is a protective layer on the floor then this first needs to be removed using strippers.

Step 2 - Opening the Stain

Now you need to open up the can of stain and stir it to mix it up by using a stirring stick. Carry on stirring the stain until it is even in color and texture. A paddle can also be fitted to your drill for faster and quicker results.

Step 3 - Testing

If you have any of the cork flooring left over from when you installed then you will be able to test the stain on this. This will help you to check that the stain won't cause any problems or damage your existing floor. It will also help you to check that the color of stain is suitable for use in your room.

TIP: While you're testing the stain, check it's container for safety instructions as well all the safety instructions on the other chemicals you'll use. Look for whether you need to wear any safety equipment and whether to open windows to give proper ventilation while applying the substances.

Step 4 - Applying the Stain

Dip a clean cloth into some of the stain and then rub the stain into the cork flooring. Use the stain in a circular motion. Try to keep the coat of stain as even as possible, use the cloth again to remove any excess stain. If required you might need to apply extra coats of the stain to improve the color of the floor.

Step 5 - Drying

Leave the cork stain to dry over night so that it's completely dry. Check a small area of the stain around the edge to ensure that it's dry.

Step 6 - Coating

When the flooring is dry you then need to apply a coat of polyurethane by using a paint roller. Choose polyurethane sealant which is designed for use on cork flooring. Once the first coat is down allow it plenty of time to dry. You might need to choose coating which is suitable for use in areas of the house which have heavy traffic if this is being installed in hallways or living rooms.

Step 7 - More Coats

Next all you need to do is apply extra coats of polyurethane onto the floor. Wait for the coating to dry properly before applying the next coats. Also try to avoid setting foot in the room until the coating is dry.