How to Easily Build a Hat Rack

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Electric drill
Sand paper
Wood paint
Paint brush
Hooks/ nails to hang hats from

You can easily build a custom hat rack that can hold 5 hats or as many as 50. If you have an impressive collection of hats or jackets or know someone who does, a hat rack can be a great addition to the house or can make for an amazing personalized gift. Hat racks can be of a number of styles and types, either vertical or horizontal, depending upon the kind of space that they have to be built for and items they are designed to hold. Follow the instructions below to build a basic hat rack to display both your garments and handiwork.

Step 1: Choosing Dimensions for the Rack

The first step in the process is to decide how long or wide the rack should be. If the space in mind isn’t very wide, you will invariably have to choose a thin but tall design. Similarly, if the rack has to be kept under a low lying ceiling the focus will have to be on the width. While choosing the dimensions by which to build the rack, it is also imperative to remember the amount of space desired between each hat hook.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

The rack is built in two sections: the main panel and the smaller panels that are drilled into the main body. The main panel of wood has to be cut according to the length and breadth desired. The smaller panels should all be evenly sized and cut such that they can be added to the sides of the main panel (vertical rack) or the underside of the panel (horizontal rack) without being too close to one another.

Step 3: Attaching Side Panels

Use a drill to make holes in the main panel for fixing the smaller pieces. These holes should be at the same distances all through. It is advisable to make these holes in an alternating pattern so that the hats can hang neatly. Fix the smaller racks into the main panel by using pegs. Put in hooks into these smaller panels.

Step 4: Finishing the Rack

The last step is to rub the wood well to smoothen it out. After the wood is all evenly surfaced, spray color it or paint it in an attractive shade and allow it to dry. Once this is done affix the hat rack onto the wall using the drill and hooks.