How to Easily Remove a Trash Compactor

What You'll Need
Ratchet with screwdriver attachment
Cabinet door
Hinges and door hardware

A trash compactor is an appliance that is installed in your kitchen cabinetry. It is used to compact waste materials that can easily be pulverized and compacted into a smaller manageable package as oppose to placing the materials directly into the garbage.

If you choose to compact materials and no longer have a need for the trash compactor or if the trash compactor is no longer is working properly, you can easily remove the trash compactor following the steps, tools and materials provided in this how-to article.

Step 1: Remove the Trash Compactor Door

Turn the power off to the trash compactor before you begin its removal. Use a screwdriver or ratchet with screwdriver attachment to remove the door to the trash compactor. This will make it easier to pull the trash compactor out without having the door fly out at you.

Step 2: Pull the Trash Compactor Out

Gently rock the trash compactor within the cabinet housing, pulling it forward in order to pull it away from the housing. Unplug the trash compactor once it comes free from the housing.

Step 3: Replace the Cabinet Door

Place a new cabinet door in the opening where the trash compactor came out, attaching the door using the required hinges and door hardware.