How to Edge Slate Wall Tiles

What You'll Need
Hand-held variable-speed grinder
Polishing kit
Dust mask
Safety glasses

By edging slate wall tiles, you can achieve the perfect look that you want for your home. Slate wall tiles are a great way of adding a traditional and natural aesthetic feature, and different types and styles of edging can further customize your results. Before you start, it is a good idea to wear appropriate safety gear like safety glasses and earmuffs. Follow the simple steps below to effectively edge your own slate tiles.

Step 1 – Use the Rough Pad

Get the roughest pad from the slate polishing kit. Combine this with a handheld grinder for the contouring. With the grinder at the lowest setting, gently apply pressure to the edge of the slate. It is important to avoid heavy pressure as you may end up damaging the angle of the edge of the slate. You can apply various types of edging styles using this method.

If you use the grinder at a 45-degree angle along the edge of the slate, you can create a bullnose effect. If you prefer a more rounded effect, you can simply rock the grinder back and forth to form a gentle arc as you work along the surface of the wall tiles. Varying between a 25- and a 45-degree angle, you can create a curved edge of the extent that you desire. To create a more rounded edge, you will also want to apply a little more pressure with the grinder and make more passes with it. Always use the more gentle pressure at first, applying in a couple of passes, increasing the number of passes until you get the edge style that you want.

Step 2 – Finish the Job with the Finer Polishing Pads

To get a finished effect, you should then use the finer polishing pads which come with the polishing pad kit. Attach these to the grinder and polish the edge of the slate as required. At this point, you will get more of a sheen on the edge of the slate if you use a very fine polishing pad. If you want a more shiny and smoother look, then using a very fine pad and as many passes over the slate as necessary will give you the best results.

You can also give your slate wall tiles are more rugged and natural look. To do this, you should use rougher polishing pads, smoothing out only the roughest contours.

Alternatively, you may be looking for a polished look which can be achieved by working your way through the different grades of pads starting from the roughest one and then using the soft one. This takes a lot longer than the other styles, as you need to do multiple passes using different plans to achieve a shiny polished appearance. This will look slightly similar to the surface of polished granite.