How to Eliminate Grub Worms

If you want to keep your lawn looking nice and healthy, you may need to deal with annoying grub worms. Below is a little advice on how to address this problem, if you should face it.

Step 1: Address Grub Worms During the Summer

If it is summertime, you either need to spray-kill these insects or make an effort to get rid of the insect-beetle the moment you begin to notice them. Keep in mind that it takes just one egg-laying female beetle to produce hundreds of grub worms for the next season. Therefore, killing adult beetles is your best road to becoming grub worm-less. Sometimes, bug zappers can kill these adults early, as these are flying beetles.

Step 2: Address Grub Worms During Fall

Controlling grub worms successfully can also happen in the fall because these bugs are tiny and close to the surface around this time of year. Apply a grubicide when the temperature is at or around 65 degrees. Simply apply synthetic insecticidal chemicals to the top soil. This will take care of adult beetles, as well as grub worms.

Step 3: Consider Insecticidal Fertilizer

You may also consider purchasing a commercial fertilizer with insecticidal granules in it, which will allow you to address insect troubles while all the while making your lawn green.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep grub worms from becoming a garden problem.