How to Eliminate Odor in a Bedroom

a bed piled up with grey and blue pillows and a blue comforter
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What You'll Need
Baking soda
Laundry detergent

Nobody likes unpleasant smells in the bedroom, so we all look for ways to eliminate odor as soon as it becomes apparent. An air freshener or deodorizer can be quite helpful, but you can maintain a fresh smell longer by identifying and eliminating the causes of odor in your bedroom. Regular carpet cleaning, bedding laundering and clothing management can go a long way in keeping your bedroom clean and inviting.

Common Sources of Bedroom Odors

The first step to eliminate odor is identifying its source. Several factors can introduce unpleasant smells, such as a garbage can in the bedroom or another close-by area. If you only use the garbage can for office waste such as paper, you can keep to a weekly disposal schedule. In other cases, try to use an enclosed can, and dispose of the waste as often as you can.

If pets visit your bedroom often, make sure they are toilet-trained and clean. In case of accidents by a pet, clean the affected area immediately with vinegar, which aids odor removal, follow our cat urine removal guide for tips. Provide pets with their own little bed by your side, so that you can have your own space. Change pet bedding often.

Sometimes the smell of cooking drafts into other rooms and settles on fabrics and furniture. If you plan to cook a very “fragrant” meal, close the doors to other rooms. Clean the cooking area of any spills as soon as you are done. If it is not too cold, you can also air out the kitchen and the surrounding area by opening some windows.

Cleaning the Bedroom

Clean the bedding often, preferably once a week. Wash your bed sheets and comforters with a pleasant-smelling detergent. Wash the pillow cases at the same time, and if possible, air out the pillows.

Use a washable mattress guard for your bed, and wash it regularly. This guard will keep food spills and odors from gathering on the mattress and also lengthen its life.

Clean every nook and corner of the bedroom, at least once every 2 or 3 months. Vacuum the mattress, empty out and clean the closet and dust and mop the area under the bed. Also clean the blinds and curtains often to remove any clinging odors.

Combating Odors

Avoid eating or smoking on the bed. If someone in your family smokes, put some baking soda in the ashtray to eliminate odor from the cigarette butts. Use of air purifiers can also help, to a certain extent.

Vacuum your carpets regularly. You can remove most carpet odors by sprinkling baking soda on the carpet, and then vacuuming it after about half an hour.

Avoid using shoes in the bedrooms. If you do, make sure they smell fresh by spraying them with air freshener or deodorant.

Use air-freshening products such as aromatic candles and sanitizers to disguise mild odors. You can find several organic products that are environment-friendly and also safe for your health.