How to Eliminate Silverfish from Your House How to Eliminate Silverfish from Your House

Silverfish are annoying pests that are often found in damp, dark places like basements, laundry rooms and under sinks. These pesky bugs eat just about anything, including book bindings, wallpaper paste, paper and hair, making them extremely adaptable and hard to get rid of. If you have an insect infestation, here are some ways to get rid of silverfish:

Diatomaceous Earth

This mixture of crushed diatoms are sharp and effectively remove the exoskeleton of insects. Sprinkle a thin line of this powder anywhere you have a silverfish problem such as under sinks, baseboards and cabinets.

Boric Acid

Another great method of control, boric acid can be sprinkled in a thin line along baseboards, in cracks and under sinks in the same way as diatomaceous earth. This can be purchased at any hardware store, as well as some grocery stores.


Pour salt along baseboards and cracks in a thin line to exterminate silverfish.


The most natural of the repellants, silverfish do not like cloves and will go elsewhere. Though it doesn’t kill them, it can effectively control silverfish. Place whole cloves wherever you have a silverfish problem.

Try one or more of these methods and get rid of these obnoxious bugs today.

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