How to Enclose a Loft Bedroom

What You'll Need
Rug or carpet
Chair or small couch
Television or other electronic devices
Folding screens

If you share a loft with a number of roommates, you should familiarize yourself with how to enclose a loft bedroom. In just a few simple steps, you can have an enclosed bedroom, even in a wide open loft.

Step 1 - Get Your Furnishings in Order

The first step in enclosing a loft bedroom is to position your bedroom furnishings. Set aside an area of the loft large enough to accommodate your bed, furniture, nightstand, lamp, dresser and other furnishings you wish to place in your sleeping space. Next, spread out your bedroom furnishings in a manner that suits your desired layout.

Step 2 - Set up Your Folding Screens

Now that you've positioned your furniture and accessories in a suitable manner, place folding screens that will serve as makeshift walls around your loft bedroom setup. Keep in mind that you will need to leave a little open spaces between the screens in order to make room for any extension cords that are connected to your electronic devices. High quality folding screens are a must-have for anyone who resides in a loft, as they are a simple and effective way to give yourself privacy in a wide open space. In addition, folding screens enable you to change the location of your bedroom whenever you please.