How to Enlarge a Soffit Vent How to Enlarge a Soffit Vent

Enlarging a soffit vent is an easy job that anybody can accomplish with a few simple tools and about a half hour per vent. Before beginning this project be sure that you have the following tools and supplies on hand ready to use.

Tools and Supplies You’ll Need:

  • New soffit vents
  • Rotozip
  • Pencil

Step 1: Take Out the Old Vent

Remove all of the old vents. If they have been screwed in, then use a screwdriver and take them out. If they have been nailed into place use a hammer and pry bar to get them out.

Step 2: Make a Template

If the new soffit vent has a template then use it, otherwise you will have to make one. To do this you set the top edge of the new vent onto a piece of cardboard or scrap wood and draw a line around it, forming a template.

Step 3: Cut the Hole

Place the template up to the spot where the vent is going, centering it over the top of the old hole. Draw the circle on the soffit and cut it out with a rotozip. Place the blade on the inside of the hole and work your way out until you reach the line, then follow it all the way around.

Step 4: Install the New Soffit

Slide the new soffit into place and secure down with nails or screws.

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