How to Ensure the Building of a Level Threshold How to Ensure the Building of a Level Threshold

When constructing a doorway, a level threshold is important for the overall fit, and look, of the door or room transition. This threshold marks the place where one room meets another. If this is not level, you will have many problems with the flooring, fitting of doors, and even with the trim. Here are some things to do to ensure a level threshold every time.

Check for Level Constantly

When building the frame of the home, putting in floor joists, or building a deck, always check to make sure that the surface is level. Any variations at the beginning stages of construction will have a multiplied effect when it comes to laying down flooring and installing thresholds.

Make Use of Shims

If you are building a threshold in an older home, you will undoubtedly have issues with floors and walls being out of level. Using small hardwood shims will help to make sure that anything you do will always be level. Use these shims under the threshold piece in low spots.

Make Sure Base Is Solid

The threshold will be installed with small finish nails. In order to make sure that there isn't any play in the material, or that the nails do not set the threshold out of level, make sure that the base sheathing is solid. There should not be any gaps in the subfloor material.

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