How to Estimate Bumper Replacement Costs

What You'll Need
Vehicle manufacturers name
Model of the vehicle
Year it was made

One thing that can put you in a bind is when your bumper gets snagged, and ripped away from your vehicle. Not only is it confusing to figure out what parts are missing to reattach or replace it, but it may also be hard to estimate the cost of a complete bumper replacement.

Step 1 - Compare In-house Service Costs

Most people would rather simply take it to a shop and have them figure it out. You can call different service shops in your area to get an estimate on your bumper replacement. You can get estimates from these shops, and then check other resources for parts to try and reduce the overall price.

Step 2 - Check Prices with Local Parts Stores

You may want to try to find your bumper replacement through a local part store and do the work yourself. You can also buy the part and supply it to your body shop to cut costs. Comparing prices this way involves knowing what parts are broken and need to be replaced.

Step 3 - Check the Junk, or Scrap Yards

A scrap yard or junkyard is another good spot for a bumper replacement, if they carry the make and model of your vehicle on their lot. You can generally call and get an estimate on the parts and whats available, right over the phone.