How to Estimate the Installation Costs of Bay Windows

Bay windows.

You can replace a set of existing windows with bay windows. If you’re thinking of installing a bay window, an understanding of the basics of estimating the cost of installation is a must. The process is not as complicated as one might think and is a great skill to possess if you consider yourself a do-it-yourself homeowner.

Examine the Existing Conditions

Measure the size of the existing window to get the size of the bay window that will fit in the rough opening. To accomplish this, use a tape measure to get the height and width of the windows you’re replacing. Make sure you measure from the frame of the window and not the edge of the glass. Once you have your measurements, you can begin the search for the right window.

Estimating the Costs

Now that you have an idea of the size of the bay window you can begin to accurately estimate the cost of installation. There are dozens of different types of bay windows to choose from but it’s best to begin your search with an established company. Ideally, you’ll want to find a window that is the same size as the windows you’re replacing but you do have the flexibility of going 1 to 2 inches shorter. Any more will involve some extra finish work on both the inside and outside of the wall. If you can’t find a match, you can go with a custom window but that will generally cost more than a standard size window.