How to Estimate Window Trim Costs

To correctly gauge the costs of window trim, you have to first determine the total amount of wood you will need for the job. After taking all of the necessary measurements and calculating an accurate number, the cost will depend upon the price per board foot of the trim you want. At this point you may want to compare different materials and designs to make it fit within your budget. 

Estimate Wood Trim Costs

Measure around every window that will be trimmed out. Checking the dimensions from corner to corner is not adequate, though, because window trim extends beyond the frame. Depending on how wide the trim is, it could be as much as 5 inches per side. If you know the trim is only 2 inches wide, you should add 5 inches to every measurement of a side. You don’t want to end up with too little trim. 

Once you have the total amount of board feet calculated, you can begin to look at the different varieties of trim and decide which one you want. Wood trim can cost anywhere from 30 cents to $3 and more per foot while MDF is always cheaper. Knowing how many feet you need, you can make an accurate assessment of the total price you will spend on window trim right there in the store. 

Estimating the cost of window trim is primarily a matter of figuring out how much you will need in feet and then multiplying that number by the cost per foot of the trim you’d like to install.