How to Expand Your Living Space with a Sunroom

A cozy sunroom.

If you need more space in your home and do not want to move, consider adding a sunroom or solarium to your home. You can use a sundeck, patio, or lawn for the purpose. A sunroom has the added benefit of enhancing the value of your home when you sell it.

How to Choose a Sunroom

This attractive feature can be added quite easily. You need to decide on a few things before you go shopping for a sunroom. First, decide where you want your sunroom. Then, figure out the size of the sunroom. This can be a compact room or a spacious one depending on your needs and budget apart from the space availability.

Remember to install good quality double glazed windows and doors in your sunroom. Not only will you have an uninterrupted view of the outdoors, but you will also be able to keep the room cool in summers and warm in winters. If you are planning an all-season sunroom, make provisions for an air conditioner and a fireplace as well.

If you have a large room you can grow exotic plants here. Many plants grow well in the atmosphere of a sunroom. To keep creepy crawlies at bay, provisions for insect screens as well.

Qualities of a Sunroom that Creates More Space in Your Living Room

When shopping for a sunroom, have the exact dimensions in hand and ensure that the supplier can make windows of the required dimensions. You do not want a lot of concrete "fillers" marring the view from your sunroom.

A sunroom can double up as a living room or an entertaining area. How you furnish it will make its purpose clear.

Sunrooms are a great way to enjoy the outdoors even in the harshest of weather. Just ensure that it is weatherproof, and you can watch a magnificent rainstorm from your sunroom. You will be able to watch and hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops without a drop of water touching you.

A sunroom need not be very expensive. In fact, a well-designed sunroom costs less than a conventional room to build. There are a lot of ready-to-use sunrooms available on the market. However, you might need to custom-build your sunroom, in case your available space is in an unusual shape.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while building a sunroom is that it has to merge with the general architecture of the house. It should not be an obvious add on. Rather, you should get the feel that the sunroom was designed along with the house. This, too, is readily available on the market in the form of a variety of designs for sunrooms.

A properly designed sunroom will add instant value to your home. As a homeowner this is important for you in many ways. A house with a sunroom normally sells for more than similar houses in the same neighborhood without one.