How to Extend a Shower Arm

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-100
What You'll Need
Shower arm extension
Water Pump Pliers
White plumber's tape

A shower arm extension is an attachment that allows you to extend the shower head outward. It may provide an advantage to certain individuals in your family who may benefit from having the showerhead out as oppose to inward and close to the wall. Extending the shower arm requires not much by way of skill or expertise, but instead just a few tools and materials. You can accomplish the extension of your shower arm in a short weekend afternoon.

Purchase Shower Arm Extension

Purchase a shower arm extension and white plumber's tape to be used in the connection of the extension and showerhead. This part can also be ordered online. If you are not looking to complete the project right away in a given weekend, you can take your time and search online for a deal on shower arm extensions that are less expensive than the ones available through a local retailer.

Remove the Showerhead

Shut off the water valve to the shower in order to keep from getting wet during the installation. Remove the showerhead from the shower pipe. It can be accomplished by using the pliers to gently turn the showerhead counterclockwise in order to loosen it from the white plumber's tape that is being used to hold the showerhead in place.

Once the showerhead comes loose, twist it off with your hands and place it in a spot where it can be retrieved after the installation of the shower arm extension. While you have the water turned off, check it against the shower arm extension to see if it fits and determine whether or not you need to purchase a new showerhead.

Attach the Shower Arm Extension

Take the white plumber's tape and apply it to the threads of the shower pipe. The white plumber's tape will act as a bond between the shower pipe and the shower arm extension to prevent any leaks from happening. Once the tape has been applied to the threads of the shower pipe, twist the shower arm extension on the shower pipe, being careful not to strip any of the threads on the shower pipe.

Attach the Showerhead

With the shower arm extension secure and in place, attach the showerhead to the shower arm extension. Before you screw the showerhead onto the shower arm extension, you must apply plumber's tape to the threads of the extension. Twist the showerhead onto the extension by turning it slowly and then twisting it in place by hand. Use a large pair of water pump pliers to finish setting the showerhead in place.

Turn the shower on low to watch the water flowing and check it all around carefully to see if any leaks have developed.