How to Extend an Attached Carport

What You'll Need
New carport cover
Measuring Tape

If you have an attached carport right now that fits just one car, you may want to extend it so that you can fit another one in. Many times people will have a carport and then need to expand it. This is common when people have a one-car garage and then need a two-car or if they used the garage for just storage and then decide later that it needs to be for a car, too. Here are a few tools that you may need as well as a step by step guide to help.

Step 1 - Measure

Begin by measuring the size that you want the new carport to be. Decide what you will be putting in it and measure with these considerations. Measure several times bottom to top to be sure that the measurements are right. Then, purchase a new cover for these dimensions. You may want to make sure that you are looking for a cover from somewhere that has a good refund policy to make sure that you can return it if the fit isn't right.

Step 2 - Remove Cover and Move

Use a ladder and a friend to take off the old carport cover. If it is attached on one side then you may need to get up on the house or garage roof. You should be able to easily take it off. Then, you will need to move the posts that are on the ground on one end. To do this, you can have a friend help you take them out of the ground and then use a shovel to dig another hole. Do this for each pole or support. You may want to use cement to pour into the holes to keep it stable if need be. Many times, people want to make this a permanent fixture so they secure it with cement. However if you plan on moving it again, you will want to steer clear of the cement.

Step 3 - Set Up and Replace Cover

Now, use the ladder to secure the new cover on. Begin on one end and work your way around the carport. You will want to have a helper to hold one end of the cover while you secure the other side. It is best to work your way around while they hold on to it so that it goes on evenly and without anything falling to the ground as you work.

You also want to think about maintaining your new carport once you have it up. Be sure that you are cleaning it and washing it off every once in a while to make sure that it lasts longer. Also, you will want to check for any rips or tears that there might be, so that you can take care of them before they get bigger and harder to fix. Also, considering a warranty when you are choosing a carport is a good idea.