How to Extend an Existing Ceiling Fan Pull

Spinning ceiling fan
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-40

If your ceiling fan pull chain has broken, or it's too short for the kids to reach, you can easily extend it to the appropriate length. Add a little creativity and you can have a ceiling fan pull to match any decor.

1. Standard Chain Extension

Purchase the needed length of ceiling fan chain and attach it to the end of the existing chain with the supplied ball clasp. Simply slide the ball end of the chain into the slit on the clasp and snap it into place.

2. Beaded Fan Pull Extension

String some colored beads on heavy gauge fishing line, thin jewelry wire or twine. Use twice as much as the length needed for your extension so you can double the string of beads for sturdiness. Add a large crystal to the center as you string the beads as an accent and a grip for the pull. Tie the extension to the existing chain and secure with hot glue.

3. Child's Fan Pull Extension

Extend the ceiling fan pull with a chain extension or a length of twine. Tie a beanie baby, matchbox car or other small toy to the end as a fun decoration your child will enjoy. This can easily be altered as the child grows and interests change.