How to Extend the Life Of Your RV Brakes

RV brakes are much the same as the brakes on cars. To maintain the brakes on your RV, take a few simple precautions and pay attention to some habitual behaviors.

Tools and Materials

  • Pressure Gauge
  • Brake fluid
  • RV Cover

Step 1 - Tire Pressure

Keeping the tires properly inflated helps to have the brakes adjusted correctly. The more optimal each part is, the better the entire system will work. Having proper tire pressure will allow the brakes to work less.

Step 2 - Keep Everything Clean

Replacing your brake fluid, as well as having your drum breaks cleaned, can help to keep everything running properly for longer. Disc brakes do not need to be cleaned in between new sets of brakes. Brake fluid should be routinely replaced.

Step 3 - A Level Foot

There is no need to speed up or run the RV at higher speeds than posted. Though it can save time, it is a great way to wear down the brakes quite quickly.

Step 4 - Weather

Marine climates, snowy conditions, or extreme heat can begin to wear down the materials of RV brakes, if overly exposed for large amounts of time. If staying an extended time in one of these areas, try to park under shelter, or cover your RV as much as possible.