How to Fasten Indoor Outdoor Carpet to Wooden Steps How to Fasten Indoor Outdoor Carpet to Wooden Steps

What You'll Need
Carpeting tiles
Tack strips
Hammer and nails
Staple gun and staples
Utility knife
Hand saw
Tape measure
Knee pads and other protective clothing

Indoor outdoor carpet is a special type of carpeting that can be used both inside and outside of a home. Indoor outdoor carpet is resistant to damage from the elements, but it is also soft enough and appropriately textured for indoor use as well. If you have wooden stairs in your home, one of the best ways to help treat these stairs and personalize them is to add carpeting to them. Read on for a brief guide on how to fasten indoor outdoor carpeting tiles to the wooden steps inside your house.

Step 1 -- Measure the Amount of Carpet Needed Per Stair

To determine the amount of carpet needed per stair, begin by measuring the width of a single stair. Then, multiply that measurement by the height of the stair, and add it to area for the rise of the stair as well. If there is a lip that hangs over the edge, measure this and include it as well. You should add approximately 3 inches to the total height and depth measurement. This is the size of the carpet tile that you'll need for each stair.

Step 2 -- Measure and Lay Tack Strip

Begin by measuring and cutting out tack strip in the appropriate size for each stair. You will install the tack strip separately for each stair, so it's important that all of the tack strip sections are exactly the same size. Use hammer and nails to install the tack strips securely on the stairs, beginning with the bottom stair and working your way upward.

Step 3 -- Lay Down Carpet Padding

If your indoor outdoor carpet comes with a layer of padding to install before you lay the carpet, lay the padding over the tack strips and nail it into place as well.

Step 4 -- Cut Carpeting to Size

Using the utility knife, cut the individual carpet tiles to size for each stair. Wear any necessary protective clothing and equipment so that you avoid inhaling the debris from the carpet while you work.

Step 5 -- Lay the Carpet

Beginning at the base of the staircase, lay the carpet over the padding. Begin by stapling the carpet at the base of the riser portion of the first stair. Stretch it up and over the side of the lip of the stair or the edge of the riser if there is no lip. Pull it taut so that it is completely smooth over the stair. Staple it again at the base of the next riser once you've ensured that the carpet is laid evenly and tightly over the stairs.

Step 6 -- Continue Up the Stairs

After you've laid the first of the carpet tiles, continue up the staircase by repeating the previous step for each individual stair. Ensure that the carpets do not overlap at the base of each stair riser.

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