How to Fasten Plywood to Meal Trusses How to Fasten Plywood to Meal Trusses

What You'll Need
High torque drill
Tape measure

Metal trusses are used in roofing systems and are constructed in a C shape. This shape provides strength to the otherwise lightweight support system. Wood can be secured to the metal trusses with the correct tools and wood to metal specific screws.

Step 1 – Determining the Truss Space

Use your tape measure to determine the distance between the metal trusses. The plywood you will install will lay across the trusses at the joint. The grain of the wood should run perpendicular to the metal trusses.

Step 2 – Positioning Your Plywood

Lay the ¾-inch plywood in position across the trusses. Begin at the bottom. Position the wood to one side. Use your drill to secure the wood to the metal with wood to steel screws at the bottom corner. Align the top corner to position squarely with the trusses. Secure the top corner with another screw.

Step 3 – Securing the Plywood

Install screws every 6 inches on the outside truss. Install screws at 12-inch intervals on the inside truss. Position the next plywood piece tightly against the first. Secure the wood in place with screws. Continue until you work your way through all of the trusses.

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