How to Figure Gas Mileage

Once you know how to figure gas mileage, you'll be able to plan your month-to-month budget expenses for fuel. With some simple math skills, you can easily figure out how many miles per gallon your car or truck is getting.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Pen and paper
  • Calculator

Step 1: Fill the Fuel Tank

Take a quick trip to the gas station and top off your gas tank. Once that's done, write down the mileage number on the odometer. You'll need this number later to figure the gas mileage for your vehicle. Keep the mileage number in a place where you won't lose it (the glove box, for example).

Step 2: Drive and Refuel

Drive the vehicle as normal for a week or so, until you've used up about a half tank of fuel. Take another trip to the gas station and refuel your car or truck. This time, write down the exact amount of gas you put in the tank. Write down the mileage on the odometer as well.

Step 3: Figure Gas Mileage

Take the number of miles you've driven, and divide that number by the gallons of gas used. The answer to this simple equation is the miles per gallon your vehicle gets. If you take a lengthy road trip, you can also use this method to figure gas mileage for highway driving, since that number will be different than the MPG you get in the city.