How to Fill a Crack in a Colored Glass Door Knob How to Fill a Crack in a Colored Glass Door Knob

What You'll Need
Glass resin or baking soda
Resin dye or liquid ink
Glass glue
Razor blade
2 lint-free cloths
Plastic bowl
Glass cleaner
Putty knife

colored glass door knob is both functional and decorative. Like all other glass objects, however, it is brittle and susceptible to cracking and chipping after years of use or from an accident. If the damage is severe, you should replace the knob with a new one. Yet if the damage is minimal, you can repair it using either of the two methods described below.

Step 1 – Preparations

Glass resin or the glue will not bond correctly to the glass surface if the glass is soiled with oil or dirt. To clean the knob, spray glass cleaner on a lint-free cloth. Wipe the glass with the cloth to free it from any type of contamination. Wipe the cleaned glass with another dry lint-free cloth afterward. Determine whether to use baking soda and glue or dyed glass resin.

You may need to remove the glass knob before the repair. Check how the knob is secured to the door. Remove the mounting hardware and pull the knob off. Work on a flat surface where the cracked portion can be laid face up.

Step 2 – Filling the Crack with Baking Soda

Before proceeding, pour a sufficient amount of baking soda in a bowl. Add some liquid ink to color it. Mix the liquid and the powder together until the color matches the color of the knob.

Fill the surfaces of the crack with glue--but not too much. Be sure to allow space for the colored baking soda mix. Put some of the colored baking soda into the crack and allow it to mix smoothly with the glue. Use your fingers to spread and even out the mix into the crack. Dampen a cloth and use it to remove any excess. Use a razor blade to make the filler level with the glass surface. Allow the mix to cure completely. The mix should blend well with the glass. Reinstall the knob in the door.

Alternative Step 2 – Filling the Crack with Glass Resin

Glass resin comes in two parts: the actual resin and the activator. To come up with a colored resin that matches the color of the glass, purchase a resin dye. Mix the dye with the resin until the correct color is produced. Before applying the resin, be sure the glass surfaces are clean. Mix the activator with the colored resin.

Fill the crack with the mixture to the point where it becomes level with the glass surfaces. Wipe off excess resin with a damp cloth. Let the resin mix cure overnight. Reinstall the knob on the door.

If the knob is textured or shaped spherically, use sculpting tools such as casts or molds to hold the resin in the correct shape as it cures. Be sure that the casts or molds are designed for resin so that they do not get attached to the knob. 

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